I'm Felix and I'm a web developer.

I use this blog for writing about the things I learn and what I'm interested in.

Lately, this includes React, PWAs, and frontend performance.

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JavaScript Heap Out Of Memory Error

16/11/20 | 4 min
This error indicates high memory usage or a memory leak in your application. In this article, I cover different solutions to this problem.

JavaScript's Memory Management Explained

27/10/20 | 9 min
Even though the JavaScript engine manages memory for us, it's good to know what happens under the hood.

forEach() vs. map() — JavaScript Array Function Comparison

12/10/20 | 2 min
This article does a quick comparison of the two JavaScript functions. After reading this, you should know when to use which function and why.

JavaScript Event Loop And Call Stack Explained

05/10/20 | 9 min
Learn how JavaScript works in the browser: In this article, I explain how the call stack, event loop, job queue and more work together.

What is Project Fugu? More power to the web

21/09/20 | 9 min
Learn more about this awesome project that makes the web more powerful by adding native features.

How to Persist React State in Local Storage

14/09/20 | 6 min
Learn how to persist the data of your React application, using local storage.

My 9 favorite topics of "The Pragmatic Programmer"

31/08/20 | 9 min
After reading the 20th-anniversary edition of the book, these are the summaries of my key-takeaways.

How to Create Web Push Notifications - Full Tutorial

16/08/20 | 14 min
Push notifications have come to the web! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a full-stack application that is able to send and receive web push notifications.

Unit testing React - What you need to know

20/07/20 | 9 min
Starter guide to unit testing for React developers, covering the basics of unit testing, tools and some pitfalls you might encounter.

Periodic Background Sync Explained

06/07/20 | 6 min
Exploring the periodic background sync JavaScript API, using an example application.