I'm Felix and I'm a web developer.

I use this blog for writing about the things I learn and what I'm interested in.

Lately, this includes React, PWAs, and frontend performance.

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Periodic Background Sync Explained

06/07/20 | 6 min
Exploring the periodic background sync JavaScript API, using an example application.

Service Workers Explained - Introduction to the JavaScript API

30/06/20 | 7 min
Introduction to Service Workers, explaining the most important concepts and features.

Top 10 Web Developer Blogs in 2020

19/06/20 | 3 min
Top blogs by real humans about web development to read in 2020

High Performance Mobile Web by Maximiliano Firtman - Review and notes

12/06/20 | 9 min
My review and thoughts on the book plus the personal notes I took while reading it.

Service Worker Lifecycle Explained

29/05/20 | 7 min
Explaining the lifecycle of Service Workers in PWAs and how to update them as fast as possible.

How to Make your React App a Progressive Web App (PWA)

18/05/20 | 14 min
Full tutorial on how to transform your current React app into a Progressive Web App - Explaining the most important concepts around PWAs followed by a step by step tutorial, using Webpack, Workbox and TypeScript.

When does React re-render components?

26/04/20 | 7 min
React re-rendering explained and how to optimize React's re-render performance

React Performance Optimization with React.memo()

19/04/20 | 3 min
React performance optimization with React.memo – Explaining how to use it, common pitfalls and why you shouldn't be using it for all your components.

Getting into Performance Budgets

10/04/20 | 7 min
In this article, I'll give you an introduction to performance budgets, the metrics and tools you can use and how you can implement them in your company.

Premature Optimization in JavaScript

04/04/20 | 3 min
In this article I'll explain what premature optimization and premature pessimization are and what kind of optimizations JavaScript developers should use.