I'm Felix and I'm a web developer.

I use this blog for writing about the things I learn and what I'm interested in.

Lately, this includes React, PWAs, and frontend performance.

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Service Worker Lifecycle Explained

29/05/20 | 6 min
Explaining the lifecycle of Service Workers in PWAs and how to update them as fast as possible.

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How to Make your React App a Progressive Web App (PWA)

18/05/20 | 14 min
Full tutorial on how to transform your current React app into a Progressive Web App - Explaining the most important concepts around PWAs followed by a step by step tutorial, using Webpack, Workbox and TypeScript.
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When does React re-render components?

26/04/20 | 7 min
React re-rendering explained and how to optimize React's re-render performance
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React Performance Optimization with React.memo()

19/04/20 | 3 min
React performance optimization with React.memo – Explaining how to use it, common pitfalls and why you shouldn't be using it for all your components.
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Getting into Performance Budgets

10/04/20 | 7 min
In this article, I'll give you an introduction to performance budgets, the metrics and tools you can use and how you can implement them in your company.
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Premature Optimization in JavaScript

04/04/20 | 3 min
In this article I'll explain what premature optimization and premature pessimization are and what kind of optimizations JavaScript developers should use.
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Custom Metrics with WebPageTest and TravisCI

29/03/20 | 7 min
Learn how to set up custom metrics using WebPageTest API and TravisCI
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Measuring the Performance of JavaScript Functions

25/03/20 | 7 min
Start measuring your JavaScript function's performance with these APIs and learn how to use them.
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How to communicate with Service Workers

22/02/20 | 4 min
This article gives you an overview of the MessageChannel, Broadcast API and Client API and helps you to decide which one to use.
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PWA Update Notification with Create React App

27/01/20 | 4 min
Learn how to trigger update notifications that ensure that your users are using the latest version of your Progressive Web App.