Hey, my name is Felix.

I work as a web developer at Fitogram in Cologne, Germany. I use this website for sharing and documenting what I'm learning.

I built this blog with GatsbyJS, using the Gatsby Advanced Starter as the base for this website. I also used parts from Tania Rascia's blog as a starting point.

I have experience with both backend and frontend development, but for the last two years, I've been working exclusively on the frontend with technologies like React and TypeScript.

For the last year and a half, together with my colleagues, I've built and worked on an online booking tool for the sports and fitness industry, which enables sport studios around Europe to sell their courses online.

Guest articles

These are the articles I wrote on other blogs.

  • React’s onClick Event Handler Explained - Asayer.io
  • How to Use Props to Pass Data to Child Components in React.js - Asayer.io
  • JavaScript iterators and generators: A complete guide - LogRocket
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