reviewTop 10 Web Developer Blogs in 2020

Top blogs by real humans about web development to read in 2020

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This is a different article for me since I usually write technical articles about React, PWAs, or web performance.

Ever since I started writing this blog, I started looking around for other blogs that produce high-quality content that interests me.

The blogs I mention aren't run by huge businesses that crunch out a dozen articles every day, but rather real people who publish articles on topics they are passionate about. I didn't order the list in any way.

Without further ado, here are my top ten web developer blogs in 2020:

Florin Pop

Topics: JavaScript, Web Development, Programming Challenges

Florin writes articles and makes videos on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. In his content, he explains basic concepts and makes tutorials that are suited for beginners as well as for more advanced programmers.

Something special about his blog and videos is, that he seems to be obsessed with challenges, his most famous one being about building 100 projects in 100 days. It's very entertaining and inspiring to read, so I recommend you check it out.

Addy Osmani

Topics: Web Performance, Google Chrome, Productivity

Addy is part of the Chrome team at Google and has established himself as an authority on web performance. He writes about new features of the Google Chrome DevTools, web performance, and productivity.

Dan Abramov

Topics: React, JavaScript, Development

Dan has contributed a lot to open-source projects like React, Redux, and Create-React-App. In his blog, he writes about those technologies and development in general. He also started JustJavaScript — a website (and currently a newsletter) that aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of the language by focusing on giving you the right mental model of the language.

You can sign up for free for the Email newsletter (the content in there will eventually become a paid course).


Topics: Soft Skills, Career Advice, Productivity

Ilona is a software developer from Berlin. Her blog doesn't focus on the technical side of software but rather on the soft skills that are just as important but often overlooked. I enjoyed reading her articles on career development.

Tim Kadlec

Topics: Web Performance

His blog is all about web performance. He authored a few books, like High Performance Images and Web Performance Day Book. His articles helped me to get a better understanding of web performance. I especially liked his article on performance budgets

Harry Roberts

Topics: Web Performance

Despite the name of his domain, Harry's articles mainly focus on performance optimizations. They have helped me a lot when I started looking into the topic — they are short but on the point — and it's clear that his writing is based on many years in the industry.

Sarah Mischinger

Topics: Technical Writing

Sarah started her career as a full-stack developer, working at an agency for nearly seven years. After that decided to turn her passion for writing into a technical writing business. Her blog is a great resource if you want to start writing a blog in English as well — even as a non-native speaker. I especially liked her post on how to structure your blog post.

Emma Bostian (before her blog was on Medium)

Topics: Web Development, Blogging, Productivity

Emma openly shares her journey as a web developer/blogger on her blog, as well as technical articles on web development and coding interviews. She's also published courses on LinkedIn and FrontendMasters and she recently published a book on De-Coding The Technical Interview Process.

Martin Fowler

Topics: Agile Development, Technical Patterns, Software Development

Martin Fowler is the author of the book Refactoring, which had a huge impact on the world of software development. On his website, he writes about agile software development, technical patterns, and how to make agile development practical. His articles aren't tied to one specific programming language since they focus on the underlying principles of software development that stay relevant even after decades of writing them.

Tania Rascia

Topics: JavaScript, Frontend Development

If you start searching for tutorials about web development, you'll probably come across one that's been written by her. Her tutorials are beginner-friendly and guide you through everything you need. She publishes guest posts on DigitalOcean and other platforms, as well as on her beautifully designed blog (which she made open source).


That's my list for now. I prefer reading blogs from real people since I feel that there's a deeper connection between the author and the reader when there's a real person who's passionate about writing this, and not just some huge company without a face.

I'm sure I missed a lot of awesome blogs since there's a virtually infinite number of them on the internet. If you feel like there's someone that I need to include, feel free to send me a message on Twitter or via Email and I'll include them at the end of this article as well!

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